Standard Self-contained Digital Inflation Tower

The latest Standard Self-contained Digital Inflation Tower range is designed to meet the exacting and testing demands of the modern petrol forecourt.

The new design of the Standard Self-contained Digital Inflation Tower provides an attractive and stylish appearance.

The stainless steel or painted casings offer long life and the ability to resist the harsh environment while keeping the unit looking good. All the components from the housing through to the inflator, the slow retract hose reels and even the radiator filler are built for ease of use, reliability and long life.

The ability to incorporate a compressor inside the units makes them the ultimate in flexibility and able to cope whether mains air is available or not.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Highly accurate and repeatable inflation
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Self-contained units allow flexible positioning
  • Wide choice of options to suit exact requirements
  • Easy to operate for the road user
  • Suitable where mains air is not available
  • Revenue stream with coin/token mechanism options
  • High quality internal components
  • Large easy to read digital backlit screen
  • Maintain your corporate image with bespoke graphical designs
  • Electronic pre-set pressure setting
  • Full menu-driven list of options to suit every requiremen
  • Default to safe setting
  • New high performance slow retract hose reels as standard on large towers
  • Coin mechanism options available
  • Built-in lockable coin vault available on large towers
  • Audible and visual end-of-cycle signals
  • Stainless steel, plain or painted cabinets
  • New electronic capacitive touch buttons
  • 30mm LCD transflective backlit screen as standard
  • Slow retracting air reel with 10m of hose and twin hold-on connector
  • Optional slow retracting water rell with 4m of hose with dispenser
  • Screenwash options available for all units
  • All units available in alternative voltages (230 v as standard)
  • Alternative tyre valve connectors available for all units (short-stem twin hold-on as standard)
  • Bespoke graphics available for all units
  • 10 bar alternative compressors available for all applicable units (5.5 bar as standard)
  • Built-in Nitrogen generator option available for the units without internal compressor


  • Complies toExceeds EC Directive 86/217
  • GermanPTB 18.08/00.03, 18.08/05.03 & 18.08/04.01 (single and dual screen)
  • FrenchF-06-H-157 (dual screen)
  • Portuguese245. (single screen)
  • Spanish111063001 (single screen)


  • Accuracy0.01 bar / 0.1 psi / 2 kPa / 0.01 kg/cm² (exceeds EC Directive 86/217)
  • Maximum Inflation Pressure10 bar / 145 psi / 999 kPa / 10 kg/cm²
  • Resolution0.1 bar / 1 psi / 5 kPa / 0.1 kg/cm²
  • Operating Temperature-20°C to +70°C
  • IP RatingIP44
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure16 bar / 232 psi / 1600 kPa / 16.3 kg/cm²
  • Inflation Flow400 l/min (1) / 76 l/min (2)
  • (1) - @ 10 bar supply
  • (2) - @ 5.5 bar Compressor

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionCompressorCoin Mechanism
D95SS10TAir Onlyn/an/a
D96SS10TAir & Watern/an/a
D96SS10T/P0Air & Watern/aSterling
D97ST10TAir Only5.5 barn/a
D97SS10T/P0Air Only5.5 barSterling
D97ST20TAir Only10 barn/a
D98SS10TAir & Water5.5 barn/a
D98SS10T/P0Air & Water5.5 barSterling

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