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PCL Highest Quality Standards

When it comes to choosing the best brand for tire inflation and compressed air products, PCL provides an unbeatable package.

Now part of the HORNGROUP, along with the TECALEMIT brands, PCL is recognized as the global market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of the most advanced and comprehensive portfolio available. PCL remains true to its ethos of quality products and exceptional service.

Add to that a loyal and highly skilled workforce and you have a company which delivers reliable inflation and pneumatic solutions you can count on, at prices you can afford. Founded in 1938, when the first pressure gauges were designed and manufactured in Sheffield, UK, PCL’s focus remains on exceeding customer needs. We stay ahead of the game with an ever-expanding core product range, ensuring that ancillary products are continually developed to complement this.

With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing tire inflation and compressed air equipment, PCL is a dynamic yet customer focused and forward looking company.

PCL’s products are a familiar sight in auto service centers, tire shops, gas stations, and workshops throughout the world. PCL continues to expand globally, providing first-class, reliable, and cost-effective products for tire inflation and pneumatics.

Although global, PCL maintains a firm commitment to its roots, still manufacturing from its production facility in Sheffield, UK – the cradle of engineering excellence. The modern factory occupies over 130,000 sq. ft. and utilizes the very latest production equipment. PCL is proud to display the city’s prestigious mark of quality and excellence on its “Made in Sheffield” products. PCL carries forward this attention to quality, constant improvement and development to its new facilities in both China (PCL, Shanghai) and India (PCL-SUMO, Mumbai) – further extending its international capabilities.

For customers, this means access to old favorites in addition to ground-breaking new products and ranges, including: electronic tire inflation, air tool and air treatment, and equipment for nitrogen applications. All products are manufactured to meet the requirements of relevant quality standards and strict European and other market approvals.

Our expertise means we have the knowledge, technical support, and back up to give you confidence that you have the best products and services available.

Personal message from PCL

Our dedication to customers means we’re not just a supplier of products, we act as a partner, too. We provide you with full after-sales service, as well as support to sell our products, such as informative product literature, training, and product user manuals. Our customers have access to a full technical support hotline, and site visits where necessary. We also help you identify the best revenue generators for your business.

Our proactive partnering approach and pioneering design is what establishes us internationally as the brand to buy in over 80 countries, all backed by excellent customer service and training.

At PCL we take pride in our customers, as well as our products.

Why choose PCL?

PCL has been manufacturing and supplying tire inflation and compressed air products since 1938. The products have been specially selected, designed and manufactured through year’s of experience to satisfy all your needs. PCL’s reputation for producing accurate and reliable equipment has made it the worldwide authority in its field backed up by superior customer service.

What can PCL do for you?

With its proactive approach, PCL is established internationally as the market leader, providing quality products to help your business prosper.

Comprehensive package – PCL offers a wide range of cost-effective tire inflation and compressed air products to fit any industry need.

Quality – each PCL product is thoroughly tested to internationally recognized standards, where applicable, before it leaves the factory – giving you complete peace of mind.

Built to last – using only the highest quality components, you can trust the products are built with reliability and durability in mind.

Performance – PCL products out-perform other brands and where speed is a factor, they get the job done quicker. This focus on quality and efficiency means more revenue and profit for your business.

Experience – with over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing pneumatic equipment, PCL has the knowledge and extensive technical support giving you the confidence you have the best products and service available.

Expert Technical Assistance

PCL experts are available to help you solve tire inflation product and application problems.

PCL continually expands our range of products. Check out our Online Catalog for the very latest products, literature and support.