PCL are proud to be associated with the following organizations

Texas Tire & Automotive Association (TTAA)

TTAA represents owners, operators, suppliers, and other individuals involved in the tire and automotive industry collaborating to advance and safeguard our business and professional interests.

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Tire Industry Association

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is the leading authority in the tire industry for information, advocacy, training and events to support your business and help it succeed.

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TyreSafe is a not for profit, non commercial organization set up to promote tire safety and raise the awareness of the dangers of driving on defective or badly worn tires.

Illegal or worn tires are a contributory factor in many road collisions, particularly in the wet and 12% of cars and vans on UK roads have at least one tire below the 1.6mm legal minimum tread depth. TyreSafe campaigns for good tire husbandry – look after your tires and your tires will look after you.

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Made In Sheffield

Sheffield has a proud history of manufacturing products with a cutting edge, and The Made in Sheffield Mark is a symbol of the city's ongoing commitment to quality and excellence.

Those eligible to carry the Mark must be located in the Sheffield post code area and be able to demonstrate their dedication to producing high quality products.

Visit the Made In Sheffield website is the one-stop recycling information center for help and advice on all aspects of recycling.

With companies now recognizing the environmental and business benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), recycle-more aims to highlight some of the ways in which organizations can help to minimize their impact on the environment.

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British Compressed Air Society (BCAS)

The British Compressed Air Society was founded in 1930 at the instigation of the British Government for the benefit of manufacturers, distributors and end users of compressed air products and services.

The society and its members aim to: promote the use of safe and reliable power: improve services offered to industry; encourage and help members to develop their professional competence; and use collective industry experience to improve business conduct for all.

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National Tire Distributors Association (NTDA)

The National Tyre Distributors Association (DTDA) founded in 1930, the NTDA is a strongly proactive trade association representing and promoting the interests of the tyre wholesale, distribution and retail sectors of the automotive aftermarket industry.

The society and its members work together in developing and adhering to industry standards and best practice, promoting both business and technical excellence, training professionals for the future and
providing reassurance to your customers.