How do I determine the correct tire pressure for my vehicle?

Published 10 December 2015 in

Tire pressures are quoted for cold tires and will be specified in your vehicle handbook and may be on a sticker inside the fuel flat, on the drivers (or passengers) door or even inside the glove box.

Normally there are two tire pressures quoted; one for “normal use” and a higher tire pressure for when the vehicle is underload. Make sure you adjust your tire pressures accordingly.

If you don’t know the correct tire pressure for your vehicle, refer to the manufacturer’s customer service department. Many tire retailers will also be able to provide this information. Alternatively, you can obtain the correct tire pressure for your car by visiting the tire pressure checker on TyreSafe’s website and entering your vehicle’s details.

Never use the tire pressure quoted on the tire sidewall. This pressure refers to the maximum inflation pressure a tire can contain under maximum load.