PCL USA Recaptures North American Market with Increased Inventory

Published 25 June 2018 in

A New Breeze: Better Serving North America


Pneumatic Components Ltd (PCL), the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of pneumatic air and tire inflation systems, is now reintroducing itself to North America. PCL USA is a dynamic, forward thinking company, with customers always being the focus. We aim to provide the safest, most cost-effective inflation solutions to assist clients in maximizing their revenue and profits. Thus, we have reviewed recent consumer feedback and used it to tackle the automotive market with increased inventory, a preferred pricing program, and new products.




PCL USA has reorganized its inventory to provide PCL’s most esteemed products readily available at all times. In stock items include PCL’s famous handheld inflators, automatic inflators, nitrogen inflation appliances, aviation equipment, and other air treatment tools. Each of PCL’s products are value-driven solutions designed with the customer in mind.




PCL takes its 80 years of experience to innovate and adapt its products to customer demands. As a result, our product development team has increased our product’s robustness to suit any type of environment, added new features, and embellished them with new, modern designs. Furthermore, both the DTI and ACCURA 1 digital tire inflators now come with robust, workshop approved brass inlets. The new brass inlet can withstand pressures up to 250psi, thereby ideal for any high-pressure environment.




The new digital ACCURA MK4 showcases a perfect example of the best of both worlds – It combines the durability of a metal analog inflator with the lightness, accuracy, and ease of use of a digital gauge. Its sleek, slimline body design makes the gauge the lightest metal bodied gauge on the market, with a biomorphic shape to give increased comfort in use. Together with the analog AIRFORCE MK4, these new handheld inflators transform the industry standards for reliability, accuracy and speed.

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