We’re Obsessed Too… A review from Obsessed Garage on PCL’s Tire Inflator Product Line

Published 10 January 2020 in

Obsessed Garage started as a blog, turned into a YouTube channel, and is now an internationally recognized brand. is your resource for all things cars and workshops – it’s reputable and extremely detailed, to the point of obsession. Truthfully, we’re big fans, so we were a little starstruck when we discovered that the Obsessed Garage team did a product overview on our tire inflator line.

The ACCURA 1 Tire Inflator has been a reliable fixture in the Obsessed Garage for the past few years, but in this video he goes into depth on our other inflation products, complete with product demonstrations. Check it out and be sure to follow Obsessed Garage for more on the car and shop ownership experience.

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