PCL raises the bar with the new AIRFORCE MK4 Tire Inflator

Published 26 April 2016 in
PCL raises the bar with the new AIRFORCE MK4 Tire Inflator

PCL has used its 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing tire inflation equipment to build on the industry renowned, world-leading MK3 Tire Inflator to create a new and improved gauge – the AIRFORCE® MK4.

The already highly regarded predecessor to the AIRFORCE® MK4 – the classic MK3 Tire Inflator had become industry standard in many service centers, gas stations, and tire shops across the globe.

PCL decided 2016 was the right time to enhance the mechanical features that have stood the test of time to make the new gauge faster, more accurate, and reliable than its predecessor.

The new AIRFORCE® MK4 Tire Inflator is as robust as ever and highly accurate, offering leading inflation and deflation rates and high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Meanwhile, the redesigned piston and seal arrangement means increased accuracy life, while the pressure viewing window has been enlarged to give a 20% larger field of view – making the new gauge even more user-friendly.

With a new, modern slimline body design, the gauge is now lighter, yet more ergonomic to give increased comfort in use.

PCL is proud to display the “Made in Sheffield” mark on the AIRFORCE® MK4 Tire Inflator, continuing to manufacture the product at its headquarters in the UK.

The new gauge is still available with the same wide choice of tire valve connectors and hose lengths to suit all tire inflation applications, from passenger cars to earth-mover tires in a wide range of demanding environments.

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