Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Units

PCL's FRL Units are designed to control output air pressure, eliminate moisture and contaminants from the air flow, and to lubricate tools during use.

The FRL Units come complete with a wall bracket and a pressure gauge.

Features & Benefits

  • Manual/semi-automatic drain
  • 10 micron filter
  • Locking device
  • Complete with wall bracket and pressure gauge


  • Maximum Temperature140 °F
  • Capacity of oil bowl30 ml (1), 50 ml (2)
  • Capacity of drain bowl1.35 oz. (1), 2.4 oz. (2)
  • Lubrication Adjustment (1 drop)79-158.5 gal./min.
  • (1) - for the ATCFRL6
  • (1) - for the ATCFRL12

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionAdjustmentMaximum Inlet PressureFlow Rate
ATCFRL61/4" FRL Unit0-174 psi174 psi475.5 gal./min. (1)
ATCFRL121/2" FRL Unit0-232 psi232 psi1320 gal./min. (1)
  • (1) - @ 87 psi supply

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