Dropout® Auto-drain


The Dropout® Auto-drain is designed to remove all contaminants from the Dropout units automatically.

PCL's Dropout® Auto-drain has two 1/2" inlet connections enabling flexible installation. It is supplied with a metal blanking plug to block unused port.

Features & Benefits

  • Drains all contaminants (liquid water, oil, and solid particles) automatically
  • Maintenance free
  • No main power or batteries required
  • Easy to install


  • Inlet connection1/2 in BSPT
  • Outlet Connection1/8 in BSPT
  • Water Storage350 cc
  • Maximum Flow Rate5760 l/min / 203 cfm
  • Operating Pressure15-232 psi
  • Operating Temperature32-176 °F
  • Dimensions7.4" x 2.8" ∅
  • Weight0.882 lb

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
PDOAD128Dropout® Auto-drain

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