Stainless Steel Dropout® Water Separator

Stainless Steel Grade 304 version of the Dropout® Water Separator.

Dropout® is a unique, scientifically engineered, patent protected multi-stage Compressed Air Filter that removes 99.9999% of liquid (water & oil) and 99% solid particulated down to 1 micron. This unique multi-stage Compressed Air Filter requires no replacement filters, and once fitted, the ongoing servicing costs are zero.

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed 99.9999% liquid water removal
  • ISO 12500 Certified
  • Particulate removal to 1 micron
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Maintenance free
  • Complete with wall bracket and drain valve
  • Minimal inlet/outlet pressure drop
  • Performance does not depend on the compressed air having a stable flow rate or high velocity
  • Modular, scalable design delivers a wide flow rate product range without compromising the efficiency of removal of water and solid particles
  • Unique patent protected multiple impact design operates far more efficiently than conventional filter designs
  • No drop in liquid water or partical removal efficiency regardless of flow rate or duration of time installed
  • Sealed for life aluminium housing
  • No requirement for replacement filter cartridges
  • No increase in pressure drop caused by blocked filters
  • Easy to clean


  • Certified toISO 12500 parts 3 & 4


  • Maximum Inlet Pressure217 psi

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionMaximum Flow Rate
PDO60S1/4" Stainless Steel Water Separator90 l/min / 3.2 cfm
PDO300S1/2" Stainless Steel Water Separator450 l/min / 15.9 cfm
PDO600S3/4" Stainless Steel Water Separator900 l/min / 31.8 cfm
PDO900S3/4" Stainless Steel Water Separator1350 l/min / 47.7 cfm

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