ACCURA QUBE 4 Series (110V)

PCL offers cost-effective & accurate tire inflation boxed off with this space-saving, entry-level unit, the ACCURA QUBE Tire Inflator.

PCL proves that being square can be stylish with its simplest electronic tire inflator to date, the user-friendly ACCURA QUBE Tire Inflator. This tiny 6" x 6" unit packs a petite, yet powerful punch, offering fast and accurate tire inflation within a simple, safe, state-of-the-art design.

The QUBE is just as reliable and straightforward as all products in PCL's leading ACCURA range of preset inflators, yet features just three modes: standard inflate/deflate, tire shop (featuring overpressure) and nitrogen (top off and complete purge). All the customer needs to do is preset the required pressure, place the connector on the tire, and let the built-in auto-start function do the rest.

In short, the QUBE is designed to be simple and space-saving, without the programming or customization of the more expensive models. This versatile little unit is ideal for indoor use, particularly in commercial environments where ease of use and accuracy are key.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent cost-effective provision of high levels of safe air inflation services
  • Low lifetime costs - long product life with robust design and proven electronics
  • Plug and play - tire inflator with 3 pre-selectable application modes
  • Fits all applications - general, tire shop, and N2
  • Low and simple maintenance
  • Guaranteed accuracy with individual testing
  • Electronic pressure preset
  • Auto-start inflation
  • Touch screen technology
  • Clear display for easy readability
  • Space-saving and lightweight design
  • Robust, reliable engineering
  • Ceramic sensor - accuracy to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading
  • Accurately inflates using hoses up to 164 ft. in length
  • With molded AC power cord for geographic regions
  • 3 modes in one inflator
  • Mode 1 - Standard inflate / deflate
  • Mode 2 - Tire shop mode with over-pressure
  • Mode 3 - N2 fill and air to N2 Conversion


  • Complies toEMC directives basis exceeds
  • EC Directive 86/217


  • AccuracyCalifornia 2psi Accuracy Standard to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading
  • Reading Accuracy1 psi
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure217 psi
  • Inflation Flow88 cfm(1)

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthChuck TypeCalibration
QUBE4Mini Automatic Tire Inflator16 ftSingle lock on0-145 psi
QUBE44X25Mini Automatic Tire Inflator(x4) 25 ft.Single lock on0-145 psi

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