N72 Nitrogen Generator & Inflator Cart

The N72 Nitrogen Generator and Inflator Cart is the latest evolution of Nitrogen generator and inflator units from PCL.

This compact and innovative unit combines PCL's globally recognized digital inflation technology with modern Nitrogen generation technology, delivering high purity Nitrogen to the tire quickly and quietly.

The N72 supercedes PCL's NEXUS range with added features and end-user benefits, while maintaining the ability to convert up to 4 air-filled tires to 95%+ Nitrogen simultaneously with a touch of a button. Powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, the N72 can easily be moved around service centers and tire shops without a power cord trailing behind and in the way. Additionally, this unit is about half the size of a standard PSA system of its kind in the market, and around a third of its weight! This unit gives you ultimate flexibility and mobility.

Features & Benefits

  • 5-year warranty on Nitrogen generation membrane*
  • Modern membrane Nitrogen generation technology
  • PCL digital inflation software built-in - "Purge & Fill"
  • Smaller, lightweight design and footprint
  • Rechargeable battery powered - no power cables
  • All tire applications covered - car, van, truck
  • Efficient 12V 7am/h battery and charge indicator
  • Avg. 20 hours continuous inflation on full battery
  • 2 hour charge time from flat to full on a main charge
  • Nitrogen purity test port
  • Easy to maintain, service, and repair


  • Exceeds:EC Directive 86/217


  • Accuracy0.5%
  • Maximum Inflation Pressure145 psi
  • Power Supply12V 7amp battery
  • Noise Level65 dBa
  • Weight135 lbs.*
  • Dimensions21" x 25.5" x 40.5" (W x D x H)
  • (5) - *Approximately

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
N72SAIC24Car Generator & Inflator (4 tire hoses)
N72SAIC34Light Commercial Generator & Inflator (4 tire hoses)

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