Dial Gauge Tire Inflator

The AIRFORCE Dial Type Handheld Tire Inflator has received rave reviews from users in tire shops, garages, auto dealerships, and transport depots.

The AIRFORCE Dial Type Handheld Tire Inflator has a large, easy to read dial gauge. It allows you to inflate and deflate while staying engaged on the tire valve stem.

Fast and simple to use with guaranteed accuracy, this mechanical unit offers longer life, lower operating costs and excellent shock resistance – all within a modern functional design featuring a clear analogue display.

Robust, yet lightweight, the AIRFORCE has been developed with durable engineering plastics to withstand high volume and intensive applications, resulting in a lengthened operating life.

Its excellent performance means extended tire life, increased fuel economy, and improved safety for tire users.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs - fast inflation and deflation rates
  • Increased customer service - high levels of speed, accuracy and safety
  • Reduced cost of ownership - long product life
  • High versatility - flexible usage
  • Guaranteed accuracy - individual testing
  • Clear dial display
  • Modern, lightweight and shock resistant construction
  • Proven Bourdon Tube with beryllium copper construction for robustness and high shock resistance
  • Direct valve design increasing inflation and deflation rates
  • Individually tested and certified
  • Built in swivel and hanging device
  • Bar, psi, kPa versions and range of accessories
  • For the Tire User/Fleet Manager
  • Reduced tire wear extending tire life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased safety and reduced tire-related incidents


  • Complies toEC Directive 86/217
  • BS EN 12645:2014


  • AccuracyExceeds EC Directive 86/217
  • Reading Accuracy2 psi
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure218 psi
  • Inflation Flow32 cfm (1)

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthChuck TypeCalibration
AFG1H086' Dial Type Tire Inflator6 ftSingle lock on0-170 psi

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